Thursday, August 5, 2010

Faruque Ahmed vs Newt Gingrich

Faruque Ahmed vs Newt Gingrich

Humble union leader Faruque Ahmed went on to challenge “American Reich” Newt Gingrich and his usual Islam and Muslims bashings! Many people like Gingrich gained fame and fortune by insulting and abusing Islam and Muslims based on totally false and fabricated reasons and grounds.

When Faruque Ahmed presented his facts in more than 500 entries rich Newt Gingrich Statement on the Proposed "Cordoba House" Mosque near Ground Zero he appeared to be the winner!

The winning spree of Faruque Ahmed continued in other links too!

I welcome you to have a debate in these threads and assist American politicians and power brokers to understand Islam and Muslims to avoid injustice and oppression.

Robert Spencer praises Newt's intellectual leadership in identifying threat of radical Islam

Video: America at Risk: Camus, National Security, and Afghanistan

Newt Gingrich Praises Anti-Defamation League for Opposing Proposed Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero

No Mosque at Ground Zero

Newt Gingrich Statement on the Proposed "Cordoba House" Mosque near Ground Zero

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Racism and Sectarianism in the Taxi Industry

To add more flavour please add Hussein to Sharon what is the difference? and Google Blog!

--- In, "mamubhi" wrote:

Peer's peers to Australian Dictators

Peer Lindholt of Peer's Peers and the dictators of the so called Australian Taxi drivers Association are openly campaigning against taxi drivers' safety. However, they are very keen to use taxi drivers to make money for themselves and hang in to power of taxi politics.

Right now the issue is taxi drivers safety in Victoria and NSW as well as all over Australia. Yet, Peer's Cabbie magazine, a few media outlets like Ch 9 and a few racist people of the taxi industry have been inciting racism and sectarianism to derail taxi drivers safety and other life and death issues. These people are trying to provoke the Zionist/Jewish establishment against honest and dedicated taxi industry activist like Faruque Ahmed without any valid reason or relevance whatsoever.

It becomes a must to remind them, if William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens are "anti-Semites" then reporters, victims and witnesses of Deir Yassin Massacre, Sabra and Shatila massacre, Israeli Holocaust, Palestinian Holocaust in the Holy Land, slow motion and cunningly conspired holocaust around the Iron Wall and many more Israeli Holocaust in Palestine are bloody anti-Semites! You gutless wonders have been trying to incite Zio_Nazis against Faruque Ahmed for a long time to satisfy your ill motivated lust and greed as I mentioned above. I can say, try your luck and expand your modern day nazi network contrary to public and taxi drivers' safety and interest. Surely, you will be condemned by history.

As Faruque Ahmed said in many times, please discus taxi issues in taxi forums and non-taxi issues in non-taxi forums.

--- In, "Jodie" wrote:

Re: British Raj to Taxi Mafia (Sanjay or anyone)


I apologize for never responding to your posts re: the safety issues of taxi drivers in Sydney. I know you are dedicated to the Union there.

The truth is... I live in a small town in which there is NO Taxi Service. I have no knowledge to speak of involving safety issues of taxi drivers. I might do a search on the taxi drivers in the Dallas and Ft. Worth areas, and see what I can find.


--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:

East India Company to White Australia Policy

Further to Peer's Peers, Adolph Hitler to Ross Nelson and Geriatric Islamophobia; I would like challenge Peer and any other White Supremacist to open the Danish East India Company first and then win the Battle of Plassey like Lord Clive and then commit suicide to escape hanging before re-establishing White Australia Policy. The issue is Taxi Drivers' Safety and do not try to divert that life and death issue!

As far as so called anti Jewish comments of mine please examine and report to your Zio-Nazi masters about Gas Chamber Bound Jews, Zionist Terror Gang , Do You Know Musa?, Islam is Incompatible with Democracy, "Ugly Judaism Is Incompatible With Any Religion, Zionism Is Incompatible With Any Civilised Society and Crazy Faruque because many articles like the above mentioned ones may have angered the Zionist establishment and they are using you to settle their scores with me. But, again, Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela made a joint statement while Bill was president of USA and caught up in a media snub like Mel Gibson's Passion of Christ's Oscar snub.

Further to Message to Jimmy, Message to Gold Coast Driver and Message to Ross Nelson the illustrious Morons & White Trash outlet like TCN 9 deliberately incited racism and some fools are following it. That does not make it right. So go back to the real issue and avoid racism and sectarianism.

You see, according to Australian Values former Prime Minister John Howard conspired The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk to make Israel happy and Legs are Open for Business again shows that Australian politicians will do anything for Israel.

Peer, your new attempt to appease the Zio-Nazi establishment to hurt me is not going to work and I got every reason to condemn you and your unethical actions and inactions.

--- On Sat, 17/5/08, Peer Lindholdt wrote:

From: Peer Lindholdt
Subject: Re: Racism vs Taxi Drivers Safety in Victoria
To: "union_faruque" , ""
Received: Saturday, 17 May, 2008, 10:26 AM

Red is my comment:

> On 17/5/08 2:13 AM, "union_faruque"  wrote:
> The issue is taxi drivers' safety!
Well that's good to know? Do you include "whites" and Jews in that?
>Howcome a civilised society failed to deliver a safe workplace to its taxi workers? How hard is it to share some info from NSW as we do have some earlier research materials?
Nobody anywhere has ever been able to provide a 100% safe workplace for cabbies, security guards, police etc. All we can ask for is "best possible".
>Who introduced RACISM here? Is it the media (who did not know, "why they took their shits off"?!). Who is running the anti Indian stories in the media i.e. no one likes Indian students, … ?
Nobody has been running "anti-Indian stories in the media". Some media, including Cabbie, has highlighted that, especially in Melbourne, a substantial number of foreign students, most of whom are from the Subcontinent, are driving taxis with little or no driving experience, knowledge of the language, the city, the rules and regulations. That has to stop!
Not only are they endangering themselves and other road users, they are endangering competent cabbies, especially from their own part of the world, because they anger, irritate and even frighten the public with their incompetence thus turning them against cab drivers in general.
Professional cabbies are used to the phrase: "Nice to have a driver who can speak English (or know where he is going) for a change." They rarely say "nice to have a white driver for a change". Nothing to do with racism, all to do with competence.
Given that the public pays for the fare, they have a right to expect a reasonable level of service, but most importantly driving and communication skills.
You Faruque are the true RACIST. You hate "whites" and Jews. You, with your fanatical emails and blogs, are doing more to damage any hope of racial harmony than anyone else I know, and in the process you are destroying the reputation of the NSW TDA.
Unlike the countries where you and your 'brothers' come from, here you Have freedom of speech and the right to express your opinion (as long as you don't incite violence or acts of terrorism). However, you have no right to associate your racist slurs and propaganda with an association which does not, I assume, share your views.

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:

Re: British Raj to Taxi Mafia

Further to Peer's wisdom the issue is taxi drivers safety!

Howcome a civilised society failed to deliver a safe workplace to its taxi workers? How hard is it to share some info from NSW as we do have some earlier research materials?

Who introduced RACISM here? Is it the media (who did not know, "why they took their shits off"?!). Who is running the anti Indian stories in the media i.e. no one likes Indian students, real estates do not like them ….. ?

-- In, "union_faruque" wrote:

British Raj to Taxi Mafia

Due to White Australia Policy (1 and 2) and British Raj the Australians faced huge defeat and disaster at Gallipoli as demonstrated by Crowd swells for a shivering dawn, They fought for two sausages!, Retracing diggers' path in France for Anzac Day, Who are these enemies? and Captain Bush, Blair and Howard.

However because of Australian Values they have turned around these disasters and defeats in to gigantic victory and glory!

Today, they are denying taxi workers lawful rights by using racism as demonstrated in No to Racism and Yes to Activism, Message to Jimmy, Message to Gold Coast Driver and Message to Ross Nelson!

Please examine Melbourne Australia Taxi Strike and links at the top of the article for the full coverage of the story and pictures prior to make up your mind.

Should you wish please give us a hand to smash the blockade of a section of Australian media and society who have chosen to live with prejudice and bigotry.

Racism vs Taxi Drivers Safety in Victoria

Victorian Director General of Transport

It is the responsibility of civilized society to provide a safe workplace and safer work practices to workers under the Occupational Health and Safety legislation under the Duty of Care provisions. It is also a fundamental right of a worker to work in a safe work place that adheres to safe work practices.

In the state of New South Wales we had the Keatsdale Report, Dalziel Reports and Cook Reports which are relevant to to-days taxi drivers safety initiatives in NSW. I believe the current Victorian taxi driver's safety issues are not too different to their NSW counter parts. You are welcome to contact your NSW counterparts to obtain copies of these reports mentioned for some assistance or guidance should you wish to do so.

The commendable multicultural, Melbourne taxi drivers' spontaneous blockade/strike was a genuine and legal one. No one should dismiss or minimise their great effort with blatant and pseudo racism as we have witnessed recently. For example, taking off shirts on a wintry night as these drivers did was a symbol of their actual working conditions and the industrial reality that they experience. These taxi drivers do not have cameras, a global positioning system, workable safety shields or anything in this so called 21st century Victorian work environment. In terms of safety, they are virtually naked and unprotected.

When super models take their bikinis or bras off in the middle of the town center to high light or draw attention to their causes, there is barely any criticism. That situation is unlike the recent outcry directed to these vulnerable Victorian taxi drivers and the protest style they used. Recent murmurings and attempts to smear Indian students in general, many of whom were involved in this Victorian protest, and their living practices so as to undermine and destruct these taxi driver's spotlighting of unacceptable working conditions are purely racially driven. Many European and American backpackers and students also live in an identical cost effective and uncomfortable manner as some Indian students and by extension Indian origin taxi drivers are purported to do. This is blatant generalization designed to undermine the whole issue, which is the shameful and unsafe standard of working conditions and safety being experienced by Victorian taxi drivers.

Surely, a student or any workers poverty should not deny or diminish their basic industrial and safety related rights.

Faruque Ahmed

Mobile: 041 091 4118, Email: union_faruque@...

Wednesday May 14, 2008

CC to NSW Director General of Transport

Sources: Sydney Taxi Corruption, Sydney Taxi Corruption, Magdi Alam and Ershad Manji

Friday, March 28, 2008

Salman Rushdie to Magdi Alam

Salman Rushdie to Magdi Alam

The Zionist state Israel was created through many illegal means including terrorism. Since then war crimes, genocides and state sponsored terrorisms are synonymous with Israel.

As Israel has enslaved USA, the successive USA governments have been providing illegal and immoral protection of Israel with its ‘veto’ power, arms, money and political muscles and thus in a way earning curse and condemnation from many around the world.
The Zionism is worse and older than Nazism. Yet, the world condemns Nazism while commends Zionism. This double standard and hypocrisy is a shameful episode of our time.

The Israel Palestine conflict is not a religious one. Yet, the Israelis/Jews/Zionists have been aiding and abetting Salman Rushdie, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, Norma Khouri and Magdi Alam! May I ask why? Is it because of a well-oiled Zionist conspiracy to cover up their terrorism, war crimes and genocides continuum?

Pope Benedict XVI’s well publicized baptism and the Zionist/Jewish/Israeli euphoria over the little Magdi is another demonstration of the morally bankrupt and intellectually handicapped quarters’ desperation. Surely, the world can do without it.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Generous Gift

The Generous Gift

"The Palestinians are like crocodiles, the more you give them meat, they want more".... Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel at the time - August 28, 2000.Reported in the Jerusalem Post August 30, 2000

Norma Khoury, Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali and many more crooks became over night celebrity by inciting against Muslims and Arabs based on totally false and fabricated prejudice and bigotry of theirs aided by a very well known and organized groups. In the net and media Islam and Arab bashings are the most spectacular sports.

Again, you see Muslim and Arab bashings are the most popular sports in the town. For an example people like Bat Yeor, Melanie Phillips, Prof. Raphael Israeli and many more Zionists/”Jews/Israelis are borrowing entire chapters and verses from Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf against Arabs and Muslims and then they express their astonishment in German Poll Support Nazi Rule! A commotion like Greek Historian sentenced for 'Holocaust’ denial does not attract the fundamental question of free speech!

The longest running concentration camps known to mankind are located inside occupied Palestine with a stamp of infinity! This slow motion Israeli Holocaust in Palestine is more painful than Hitler’s one. Yet, no one is allowed to ask any question about this blatant Holocaust! This is not in the past. It is happening in front of everyone, right now!